The question we need to ask ourselves post-COVID is not, ‘Has the hotel industry become more elitist?’ or ‘How are hotel and hospitality brands securing returning custom through customer loyalty schemes?’

but ‘Are luxury hotels exclusively the preserve of hired assassins?’

InterContinental Group’s ‘Mr and Mrs Smith’ discount seems to support this widely held truism, and indeed the group reports the majority of new business comes from last-minute bookings vs long-term reservations.

An analysis by Investors Chronicle of the extent to which the 5-year to 10-year Treasury spread was correlated with the Manufacturing PMI, and the extent to which this…

Every day we tell each other stories; stories are like glue. They bond us through shared experiences. The story we told ourselves this year was that we had to unite in the face of a deadly virus, and everyone had to tighten their belts and reduce discretionary spending to avoid an unsustainable inflationary boom; as a significant percentage of the workforce are laid up on furlough under the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme.

Statistics show the total number of claims to date have been steadily rising, and these are published by HMRC monthly and dated to the Sunday of the previous…

David Attenborough has been activating behind the scenes for several years across international forums like the ECB and WTO for us to redouble our efforts on climate change.

His recent documentary, ‘Life on Our Planet’, revealed alarming facts about the rate of global warming and its consequences.

Bourneo’s rainforest has been reduced by half over the century. More than half the species live in rainforest habitats which are being harvested for timber and replaced by palm oil plantations.

Around 3 kilowatt hours of solar energy per day are captured by photosynthesis and the continued degradation of this vital ecosystem Attenborough…

Common Risky Online Actions

Are you guilty?

How to minimise professional risk

i) Clicking on unknown links and opening email attachments — hover your mouse over the link to see the return address, and check the website to verify the domain

ii) Reusing passwords across accounts — use a random number generator app or password log such as LastPass or TrueKey, and guard your master password safely offline or on a USB.

iii) Departments’ sharing accounts with passwords stored in XLS — beware of convenience-seekers

iv) Downloading free software — you want to get that slight edge after all


A CDP report on the textile industry suggests supply side reform could dramatically reduce capital outlay on managing groundwater pollution liability and minimising wastage, through more recycling and circular economy measures.

Microfiber plastics can pollute the freshwater supplies that utility companies rely on. According to the CDP report, “The washing of synthetic textiles is considered to be the primary source of microplastics in the aquatic environment, accounting for approximately 35% of all microplastics released globally.”

The washing of 1 kilogram of synthetic garments can release between 640,000–1,500,000 microfibers. Moreover it was recently discovered that microplastics can enter and accumulate in…

Refinitiv expands its due diligence offering with a real-time monitor of NGO campaigns; fines, class action suits and shareholder proxy votes, with a new business partnership with Sigwatch.

Risk management is taking on vast new parameters of environmental and social governance, as the importance of non-financial considerations takes centre stage with the EU’s announcement of a Green Deal, a projected $1trillion capital injection to fund more sustainable use of natural resources and energy over the next decade.

On 4 march 2020, the EC proposed the European Climate Law to turn the political commitment of climate-neutrality into a legal obligation, targeting a 50% decline in emissions by 2050. …

Who is missing hugging? When was the last time you hugged someone without wearing PPE or a face mask? While we all appreciate the necessity of maintaining our personal space and not inflicting our personal hygeine and our bacterial/viral footprint on our friends and family, and we all have to do our part while we ride out the pandemic….. a lack of social contact can also be detrimental to mental and physical health, studies have shown.

Today in Psychology Corner, we will touch briefly on the science, then move onto ways we can get that vital human contact while not…

Debt is still the preferred instrument for infrastructure projects, though banks especially in Holland which lead the impact investing field, are increasingly going to capital markets with special purpose instruments such as green bonds; and incentive-linked loans targeting KPIs like lowering emissions and waste resources.

Christine Shim, Palladium Group, director of Inclusive Growth Project Facility, talked about their actions promoting impact investment in less developed countries. …

Crypto assets are increasingly valued as a hedge against fiat volatility and there is intense discussion over whether Bitcoin should be classed as a new ‘safe haven’ asset.

Social trading platform HedgeTrade has brokered a new business model where multiple parties can benefit from successful trades. Experienced traders when staking swap positions can pay a premium equal to 10% of the position’s value to create a Blueprint that others can follow

If the trade succeeds, they earn income from every trader who unlocked that Blueprint. If the trade is unsuccessful the first seven Blueprint buyers are distributed the stake (minus…

Crypto assets are increasingly valued as a hedge against fiat volatility and also as an alternative way of holding capital. While crypto-currencies have a reputation as being highly volatile, social trading platform HedgeTrade has brokered a new business model where multiple parties can benefit from the successful price predictions of experienced crypto traders.

Not a zero-sum game any more, experienced traders when staking option positions can pay a premium equal to 10% of the position’s value to create a Blueprint that others can follow.

“Our ecosystem is set up to help novice traders evolve and improve as they trade alongside…

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