HedgeTrade and Bittrex collaborate to promote ‘social trading’ model

Crypto assets are increasingly valued as a hedge against fiat volatility and there is intense discussion over whether Bitcoin should be classed as a new ‘safe haven’ asset.

Social trading platform HedgeTrade has brokered a new business model where multiple parties can benefit from successful trades. Experienced traders when staking swap positions can pay a premium equal to 10% of the position’s value to create a Blueprint that others can follow

If the trade succeeds, they earn income from every trader who unlocked that Blueprint. If the trade is unsuccessful the first seven Blueprint buyers are distributed the stake (minus a commission). The creators believe they have created a win-win situation for all parties.

Liquidity is a factor the team is working hard to ensure, encouraging uptake of HEDG tokens by new users through a mass outreach campaign and adding staking options as well as cross-listing on a number of other exchanges and swap positions.

“In the past few months, we’ve added multiple listings on exchanges and swap platforms, and we’ll continue to work on building more of these relationships. Greater token distribution will be a constant focus and helps with token stability,” CEO David Waslen told us in an interview.

February 2020 the rapidly expanding company listed on no.1 crypto swap and exchange platform Changelly, among over 150 listed cryptocurrencies of which HEDG is among the top 30 by market cap.

The latest initiative sees HedgeTrade and Bittrex pair up in a business partnership representing a first for both platforms. HedgeTrade users can now stake HEDG tokens to create trading predictions (Blueprints) based on Bittrex Global order books and earn for successful predictions. Those trading predictions can also be leveraged by others to better inform new trades on Bittrex Global.

Bittrex Global leads the field in facilitating algorithmic trading allowing large-scale order placement at low latency. It has a dedicated compliance team ensuring adherence to the proposed Blockchain Act as well as established financial Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering obligations.

To promote this collaboration, HedgeTrade is offering a 20% bonus of HEDG tokens for new HedgeTrade subscribers who purchase HEDG tokens on Bittrex Global and use them to participate in its social trading scheme. Provided crypto capital is withdrawn from the Bittrex digital wallet and deposited in a HedgeTrade account within 7 days of subscribing, the bonus — up to $5000 USD equivalent in HEDG tokens maximum per user) will be deposited a week later.

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